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All About Me

Liz Aesops Fables 2024-1.heic

"Meanwhile, Kay (Liz Mattera) embodies the radiance of a woman with old money but a mint-conditioned heart. Mattera floats through the scenes with an air of immunity to all around her, which she embodies in perfect posture and a flirtatious gaze. She is able to hypnotize the audience and taunt the characters with the motions of a vixen thus establishing her thread in the plot." -South Jersey Theatre Critics

My name is Liz Mattera, and I'm a Philly/New York-based EMC actress, singer, and bookworm. While growing up as a Jersey Girl, I was constantly performing on my home's window seat stage. From there, I moved on to the bigger stages of community theatre, dance school, and church choirs. I fell in love with theatre as many children do (in a grade school production of Beauty and the Beast), and it changed everything. A grad of Marymount Manhattan College's Musical Theatre program, I'm so lucky to be one of these crazy dreamers pursuing my dream. When not onstage, you can find me tearing through a book, biking by the water, or looking for the greatest ice cream in the city (any suggestions appreciated).  

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