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Recent Projects: 

  • September 2023: I'll be returning to directing, and couldn't be more excited to do it with Matilda Jr! Come the Stage Starz show Nov 10 and 11th--tickets can be found here

  • July 2023: I went under the sea, playing The Little Mermaid in the Ritz Kidz production of The Little Mermaid

  • June 2023: I was part of the Ritz Theatre's One Act New Play Festival, performing as Minna in Communal Table written by Jenny Lyn Bader. We came in second! 

  • May 2023: Had me taking a tumble down the rabbit hole! I was back in children's theatre with the Ritz Kidz, performing as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. 

  • March 2023: I went back to my Shakespeare passion and played Lady Macduff in the Ritz Theatre's Macbeth, directed by Mary Martello (I also wore my favorite costumes of all time--check out the production pics if you don't believe me!) 

  • October 2022: "I KNOW!" I played the iconic Monica Geller in Without a Cue's parody murder mystery Phriends at Counter Culture. Catch us on the road in 2023 as we continue to tour the show! Get tickets here

  • July 2022: I played Catharine, among others, in East Lynne Theatre Company's "Who Am I This Time?" It was so exciting to work on an Aaron Posner play (back to my roots at The Arden!) and to do it in Cape May. 

  • May 2022: I was part of End Of Play, participating in multiple play readings--I love being a part of new works! 

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