Recent Projects: 

  • July 2022: I'm playing Catharine, among others, in East Lynne Theatre Company's "Who Am I This Time?" I'm so excited to work on an Aaron Posner play (back to my roots at The Arden!) and to do it in Cape May. Tickets and more info can be found here.

  • May 2022: I was part of End Of Play, participating in multiple play readings--I love being a part of new works! 

  • April 2022: I performed as Gloria in The Bechdel Project's reading of Dazed and Defrosted by Nina Mansfield. 

  • May 2021: I played Mandy in a musical adaption reading of Ella Enchanted by Brynn Grambow. Being Anne Hathaway's biggest fan, this was such a treat! 

  • April 2021: I was part of the Cabaret "Still Finding Ourselves at Home"created by Jessica Corbin. 

  • March 2021: I played Woman 2 in The Bechdel Project's reading of Modern Houses in the Lush Green Savannah that Lies in the Shadow of the Volcano. 

  • March 2021: I played Maggie in Overtones with The Heights Players. The production was filmed from the theatre and streamed for audiences, and it was incredible being back on a physical stage!